Posted: Wed, 06/12/2019 - 09:29
I received a medical degree in 1975. My conventional training then consisted of a rotating internship and six years of surgical training. I became board-certified and had a solo cardiovascular surgery practice for 29 years near Kansas City. I became frustrated during my surgical career because patients were sent to me for surgery and they were on 20 different medicines. This did not make sense.
Posted: Wed, 06/12/2019 - 09:24
NAD is an essential metabolite in our biologic system. It is found in cells in the mitochondria and encourages ATP to produce energy. With sufficient energy the cell functions optimally. NAD is used in every cell in the body that has mitochondria. Clinically, NAD treatment has shown benefit in patients with chronic alcoholism and drug addiction. A course can markedly decrease or eliminate cravings.
Posted: Sat, 06/08/2019 - 11:35
  • Many people have suffered some degree of concussion
  • Long-term consequences may be subtle and not acute
  • SPEC is a scan that shows brain function
  • Hyperbaric oxygen has been found useful for healing head injuries
  • Additional recovery can follow using other wound healing principles
  • Treatment of some chronic neurodegenerative diseases can be improved with NAD and stem cells
Posted: Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:05
Malnutrition is frequently thought to be found in poor Third World countries. My contention is that we have severe malnutrition going on in our country. This aspect aggravates aging, and its signs are very subtle.
Posted: Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:04
When I heard the word boron I immediately thought about Superman --- or was that kryptonite??
Posted: Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:00
  • Copper is a very important trace mineral
  • A copper deficit can lead to high cholesterol levels
  • There are other aspects of cardiovascular health which are also protected by copper
  • Trace elements are deficient in nutrition because of lack in soil and water
  • When did you first notice the first gray hair? 
Posted: Mon, 05/06/2019 - 23:58

As patients get older, many times they do not exercise as strenuously as their younger days. Patients will get down to just doing a treadmill or elliptical but do not do any resistance exercises for maintenance or to increase muscle mass.  Maintaining muscle mass is a key to longevity.

Posted: Mon, 05/06/2019 - 23:40

There is a lot of health information available on the Internet. I remember old wives tales that I was taught in medical school. Although I sound like an old man, it takes good judgment and medical experience to weed out and interpret what is right and wrong with medical information.

Posted: Mon, 09/03/2018 - 00:47
I tell my cancer patients: Cancer loves a toxic environment  Cancer loves sugar  Cancer hates oxygen
Posted: Mon, 09/03/2018 - 00:41
My mother always told me I was a rebel. As I gained experience outside of conventional medicine, I began to see many positive benefits of hydrogen peroxide (which includes ozone in this discussion). Basically, both of these simply stimulate the body to do what it is supposed to do. For me, this was beyond what I learned in medical school and residency training.