Meet Dr. Joe

In an age where we as humans try to control our own lives, there is often a desire to understand what is really manageable.  Surviving and thriving tend to be the keys in handling any situation.  Work, recreation, family life, social settings;  we all just want to prosper in our own life scenario.  

The one thing that is truly under your authority is personal health and wellness.  As we have seen in the year 2020, fear, uncertainties and the unknown are inhibitors to the perseverance of personal happiness.  Whether it's for immediate prevention of the newest virus or a yearning for active longevity well into retirement, looking at your body as a whole living organism is the most prudent way to consciously move forward.  

Taking a look at the 'Survival on an Island' series as a way to reboot your life can be as eye opening as it is fulfilling.  It isn't a magic bullet for perfection, but it is one of the newest ways to broaden your mind towards a well-rounded and exhilarating life.  Dr. Bosiljevac has years of experience helping people feel younger as they age.  The stories and anecdotes that coincide with his successful career are simply the humanity that fuels his medical profession.  Take a look and judge for yourself.