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Meet Dr. Joe Video Meet Dr. Joe
Book Cover: Surviving Cancer Surviving Cancer Book This is the story of a patient with Stage III breast cancer who chose treatment using complementary and alternative methods over conventional medical therapy. She is currently seventeen years post diagnosis with no evidence of tumor. Her personal story in her own words is presented as well as a scientific analysis by the author as a medical case study. A commentary about use of conventional and alternative methods in cancer and overall health is included.
Book Cover: Survival on an Island Survival on an Island Book In an age where we as humans try to control our own lives, there is often a desire to understand what is really manageable.  Surviving and thriving tend to be the keys in handling any situation.  Work, recreation, family life, social settings;  we all just want to prosper in our own life scenario.
Autoimmune and Exosomes: Using Stem Cell Therapy to Reboot the Immune System Video With some 70% of the population on a symptom-suppressing medication, very few doctors are asking the question of how do we optimize this remarkable, self-regenerating machine called the human body.