This is the story of a patient with Stage III breast cancer who chose treatment using complementary and alternative methods over conventional medical therapy. She is currently seventeen years post diagnosis with no evidence of tumor. Her personal story in her own words is presented as well as scientific analysis by the author as a medical case study. A commentary about use of conventional and alternative methods in cancer and overall health is included.
A candid manuscript revealing treatments and procedures for the human body that nobody else is talking about. In life, a healthy existence means a more enjoyable time during your years on this planet. Why not make the most of it? This whipping read is the ideal balance of personal experience through the first few months of the COVID pandemic and the healthy measures humans can take to suppress anxiety going forward.
In this video, Dr. Joe discusses the following:

In this radio interview, hosted by Alex Labursky, Dr. Joe discusses the following:

This video takes a glance at what Dr. Joe does, why he does it, and how he views the human machine.