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What does it mean to REBOOT?

Wound Healing is Regeneration

The Use of Peptides to Rejuvenate your body

  • with aging, body parts wear out
  • wound healing and repair is regeneration
  • peptide use is biologic and natural
  • individual peptides can be used for a specific function
  • peptides may play a part in tissue healing and regeneration programs
  • peptides may serve to reboot cells and the medical result can be improved insulin sensitivity, decreased obesity, and less incidence of adult onset diabetes
  • do you want an oil change or a true overhaul?

Age management, as in any other area of medicine, continues to find new methods for healing. My career the last 12 years in Manhattan has included treating retired NFL and NBA players, military special forces members, and individuals with systemic conditions such as MS, emphysema, heart failure, and liver problems as well as autoimmune conditions. Some of this has included stem cell therapies.

The next 20 years will see a tremendous growth in regenerative medicine—the body wants to heal itself.

My experience as a surgeon has shown me that improved results can be seen when following a practice of wound healing. One biologic substance that can help is known as a peptide. These are bioidentical chemicals used in rebooting cells to work normal.

An introduction to peptides is presented.  

The body contains large proteins that provide multiple biologic activities and healing throughout the body. It is now feasible to extract a small piece of these bigger bioproteins resulting in a short protein called a peptide. Peptides are natural substances made up of amino acids that maintain balance in the cell. While large bioproteins may regulate many biologic functions, the small peptide has only a very specific biologic activity, such as repair or regeneration of joint and soft tissue injuries, boosting the immune system, and hormone balance. Different peptides provide specific biologic activity with a local or a systemic effect. The cells use the biologic phenotype of the patient’s DNA to direct the peptide to work as needed. 

Peptides can be given to increase stores of biologic agents when they are depleted. This is called rebooting cells, leading to improved function. The cell works normally. 

Look at some examples-- in my practice, the following are among the most beneficial peptides to improve health:


BPC 157

  1. BPC 157 refers to body protection compound 157 which is one of the most versatile peptides available. This is made up of a sequence of 15 amino acids. This peptide is found naturally in the G.I. tract and helps protect the mucosal barrier from toxic or noxious things ingested. Primarily used for wound healing, it is particularly good for tendon and ligament repair.
  2. This peptide encourages healing by increasing vascular growth and blood supply, always the first response in the healing. The vascular growth factor increases nitric oxide production which encourages the growth of the vascular supply. Increased local vascularity (blood supply) is interpreted by the body as a sign directing attention for healing. This is a natural approach using normal biologic proteins. Regeneration. 
  3. It also maintains the integrity of the mucosal barrier of the gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract. Many times chronic gastrointestinal symptoms are improved. This includes reflux and so-called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). By maintaining this barrier the adverse G.I. side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs (such as NSAIDs like ibuprofen) and other medications can be lessened.
  4. BPC 157 has a good antioxidant effect and many general systemic effects.

My comment at this time—all of this fits with natural healing and tissue regeneration. The body wants to heal itself.


TB 500

TB 500 is also commonly used for soft-tissue recovery. It also has a positive effect on the immune function and can be used with patients who have a history of cancer.



Look at The Rejuvenation Program which helps reboot cells for optimal function.

Epitalon contains four amino acids. This short peptide was discovered and patented by a Russian scientist in the late 1980s. As such, it is been ignored by American medicine. 

No American company has shown interest in this peptide.

There are good longevity studies, primarily Russian in origin, which demonstrate the benefit of epitalon. This is been shown to lengthen telomeres— the bottom line here is you are biologically younger.  

Epitalon stimulates the pineal gland. The pineal gland then stimulates the hypothalamus which subsequently tickles the pituitary gland and this signals out to the hormone organs such as the thyroid or the testicle. This peptide has a lot to do with hormone stimulation and melatonin secretion which establishes the normal biologic circadian rhythm, all of which assist with healing. It has a good antioxidant action and improves immune function. Epitalon has been used to treat cancer patients in Europe.

Telomere measurement can give an objective evidence of response in the patient.

For example, a patient who at the chronologic age of 62 has an initial telomere measurement compatible with a biologic age of 56. Going through aspects of the rejuvenation program, at age 70 this patient increased telomere length with a resultant biologic age of 54. Is this not regeneration (or staying the same)? 

Objective surveillance may be best through telomere measurements. Epigenetic studies are coming but may not be as accurate as telomere measurements at this time. Telomere measurements come from a blood draw of about 10 mL. Epigenetic studies are from a finger stick drop of blood. The results can be more variable using a small sample size.

Growth Hormone

Ipamorelin is an agonist which increases secretion of growth hormone. This is one of the safest and most effective forms of growth hormone restoration.

Combination with CJC 1295 amplifies the effects of the Ipamorelin. Used together significantly increases levels of growth hormone and the byproduct IGF–1, which is used as a blood test to follow growth hormone levels. This routine is more effective than sermorelin to improve growth hormone levels.


Insulin Sensitivity

For me, the most interesting peptide as far as longevity is something that can lead to insulin being more effective. Insulin resistance leads to obesity, adult onset diabetes, and other disease processes. Apo A-1 has been available for a while but most recently a more specific peptide for increasing insulin sensitivity has been developed.

This is MOTS-c which works by increasing activity in the mitochondria. 



Organs that contain a high number of mitochondria include the liver and pancreas. Mitochondria have their own individual genetic material which help stimulate or improve biologic activity needed by a certain cell. REBOOT the cell. Restore normal function.

There is no definite recipe for the dosage of these peptides. The ideal biologic approach is to evaluate the initial status of the patient as a human machine through blood work and other testing looking at chemical and hormone balance. This may lead to individual differences in a treatment plan depending on the needs of the patient for proper wound healing. Light, oxygen, NAD, and other therapies such as peptides promote and assist in wound healing and regeneration. The body wants to heal itself.

I am 70 years old with only scattered gray hair. I have the same body composition as age 23. My peak heart rate is 160. With a 35 pound backpack I can climb 14 flights of stairs without stopping. My goal is a quality and independent life to 120 years.

The use of peptides supports the importance of wound healing and natural regeneration. It all starts by a REBOOT. This is a step above taking supplements, diet, and exercise. Rebooting is crucial to make all of those things work more optimally for you.

You want an oil change or an overhaul??