By admin, 8 January, 2022
  • There is always controversy about supervision over anything new
  • My opinions are presented after 13 year experience using stem cell therapies
  • The risk of harm is essentially zero depending on the experience of the practitioner
  • Ripoff?-- not in my practice and experience
  • Benefits-- joint and soft tissue repair and treatment of some systemic conditions
  • Systemic conditions I have treated include MS, other autoimmune conditions, emphysema and lung conditions such as asthma, heart failure, cirrhosis, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.
  • Repair--- regeneration----rejuvenation----- longer telomeres
By admin, 8 January, 2022
Stem cell treatment for regeneration has shown impressive results. This is all about wound healing.  Alternative treatments consist of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and exosomes. PRP does not contain stem cells but initiates repair because it contains growth factors. Exosomes contain a high concentration of multiple growth factors and are more effective than PRP.
By admin, 8 January, 2022

The Use of Peptides to Rejuvenate your body

  • with aging, body parts wear out
  • wound healing and repair is regeneration
  • peptide use is biologic and natural
  • individual peptides can be used for a specific function
  • peptides may play a part in tissue healing and regeneration programs
  • peptides may serve to reboot cells and the medical result can be improved insulin sensitivity, decreased obesity, and less incidence of adult onset diabetes
  • do you want an oil change or a true overhaul?
By admin, 8 January, 2022
NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential metabolite in our biologic system. It is found in cells in the mitochondria and as a co-enzyme increases ATP to produce energy (see diagram of Krebs cycle). With sufficient energy production the cell functions optimally. A cell producing suboptimal energy leads to degenerative conditions and even cancer. NAD is used in every cell in the body that has mitochondria. Clinically, NAD treatment was first used clinically in patients with chronic alcoholism and drug addiction. A course of intravenous therapy can markedly decrease or eliminate cravings.
By admin, 8 January, 2022
Currently there has been an increasing interest in hydrogen water with respect to increasing proper hydration inside the cell. If you look at the Krebs cycle you can see that the NAD coenzyme uses hydrogen atoms.
By admin, 8 January, 2022
  • What is dehydration? Think of water as well as mineral substances.
  • Unprocessed water should have a liquid crystalline structure
  • The structure of water can affect transport that allows proper hydration of cells
  • Proper hydration requires transport of trace minerals into and out of cells
  • Destruction of water structure can occur in the presence of electronic and other energy waves—where is your cell phone right now? How about the microwave?
  • There are ways to measure the tissue state of hydration with a reliable office exam
  • Here’s your homework: try looking for level 4 or 5 bamboo salt