Stem Cells

Are Stem Cell Therapies Warranted?

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/02/2020 - 21:13
  • There is always controversy about supervision regarding anything new
  • My opinions are presented after 12 years experience using stem cell therapies
  • The risk of harm is essentially zero depending on the experience of the practitioner
  • Ripoff?-- not in my practice and experience
  • Benefits-- joint and soft tissue repair and treatment of some systemic conditions
  • Systemic conditions I have treated include MS, other autoimmune conditions, emphysema, heart failure, cirrhosis, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.
  • Repair--- regeneration----rejuvenation----- longer telomeres

Stem Cell Therapy - My Experience for Optimal Results

Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/12/2019 - 09:29
I received a medical degree in 1975. My conventional training then consisted of a rotating internship and six years of surgical training. I became board-certified and had a solo cardiovascular surgery practice for 29 years near Kansas City. I became frustrated during my surgical career because patients were sent to me for surgery and they were on 20 different medicines. This did not make sense.

What About Stem Cells?

Submitted by j.bosiljevac on Sat, 07/28/2018 - 00:36
One area of antiaging has to do with body parts that wear out. This happens from injury, athletics, and daily wear and tear. Joints can be repaired or replaced. One of the repairs may be stem cells.