The Story of Boron

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:04

When I heard the word boron I immediately thought about Superman --- or was that kryptonite??

Now, metals and minerals are part of the nutrition taught in school. There are macronutrients found in large quantities and micronutrients found in trace amounts. Not much is heard of micronutrients which may be beneficial to our health. Look at boron --- very helpful.

The highest concentration for boron is in the bones, hair, and nails. Bone strength and osteoporosis are in the headlights. Bone metabolism is a balance of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphate. Boron, combined with fish oils, improves bone strength on a significant basis. How about that rather than some bone density pill. Or perhaps together. It is a very important micronutrient. 

Boron has anticancer properties, particularly for cancer of the cervix, lung, and prostate. The low cervical cancer rate in Turkey may be related to local levels of boron being high. There are studies available showing that treatment of lung and prostate cancer improves boron. These are very subtle signals of the importance of boron to our health --- a mineral responsible to assist immune function. 

Boron levels are also elevated in Palestine. There is very low incidence of osteoarthritis in that area. Interesting. And more helpful than ibuprofen. A dose of 6 mg daily or more may be needed if there is significant bone density loss. The RDA considers 3 mg of boron daily a high level. There are nutrition scans (Oligoscan) that can demonstrate tissue levels of boron and show a little more clearly how aggressive to be directing therapy in a particular individual.
Click here to view a sample scan.

Boron is a very important mico-mineral as far as bone health. It also has anticancer properties. This is all about balance. Paying more attention to micronutrients and trace elements in some clinical cases may be quite worthwhile. 

There is no cookbook. Individual attention is needed for improving personal health. That is what I do.