Stem Cell Therapy - My Experience for Optimal Results

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I received a medical degree in 1975. My conventional training then consisted of a rotating internship and six years of surgical training. I became board-certified and had a solo cardiovascular surgery practice for 29 years near Kansas City. I became frustrated during my surgical career because patients were sent to me for surgery and they were on 20 different medicines. This did not make sense.


At that point I obtained a doctorate in Natural Medicine and practiced this along with cardiovascular surgery for several years. The concept that the patient is a human machine and the entire organism needs to be addressed as part of the healing process is essential.

So at the age of 58 there was an opportunity to open an age management practice in New York City. I am single. All my kids are grown. This is a new adventure in my life. I closed the surgical practice in Kansas and have lived in Manhattan for 13 years.


As part of my background and training, I have operated or assisted with surgery on almost every body part. I have broad experience in conventional medicine and add the  “other side of the fence“ with natural medicine.

One of the aspects to look at with longevity treatment is wound healing.  We look at what can be done to promote the body running more efficiently, just like it would at a younger biological age.  My practice is different and more diverse than most age management clinics.  I implore the mantra 'first do no harm' and then proceed with how we can give individuals a longer, more active life.


With an age management practice I found that patients have body parts that wear out. My experience with longevity therapies started with joint and soft tissue injections and includes treating retired NFL and NBA players as well as military special forces patients.


Light therapy, oxygen, establishing chemical and hormone balance, and certain biologic substances such as NAD are essential adjuvants of the healing process. I rarely see these components provided in U.S. practice. The use of these modalities require certification.


I have a small private practice in NYC and am not involved with any institution or insurance program.  I have had experience with numerous longevity treatments other than simple joint injections.  Systemic conditions approached included MS, strokes, emphysema, and cirrhosis.  The results with emphysema and MS are good.  Wound healing principles and adjunctive measures that promote healing and recovery are essential for optimal treatment program.  Keep this in mind when evaluating longevity treatments for you or the family.