Mineral Deficiencies of Modern People

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  • Malnutrition can affect us through diet, water, and vitamin and mineral imbalances.
  • Salt is truly essential to our health.
  • Bamboo salt is a very healthy product.
  • Replacement of trace minerals can actually reverse chronic dehydration.
  • Subtle and slow changes many times lead to premature aging.
  • How about age 60 you think “I am only halfway through my life.”


Malnutrition is frequently thought to be found in poor Third World countries. My contention is that we have severe malnutrition going on in our country. This aspect aggravates aging, and its signs are very subtle.

Besides a low glycemic aspect, as far as diet I have always promoted the whole food concept. This means you do not leave the grocery store with any boxes, cans, packages, or bottles. I have patients tell me “Gee, Doc, then I will not have any groceries.”

Good water continues to be a problem.  http://cenegenics-drbosiljevac.com/blog/is-it-only-water/

The quality of our food can be short on vitamin and mineral content. Many trace minerals are absent or depleted depending on source.

The orthodox view in medicine has always been that salt is bad for us. Salt is essential for our health. True salt is not just sodium. Processed salt is not healthy-- it contains no trace minerals. Sea (solar) salt and Himalayan salt contain higher potassium and magnesium levels than processed salt. Our body needs these minerals to be healthy.

The continued toxic attack from the environment causes early decline of hormones in our system leading to premature aging. Trace minerals are as key to our health as optimizing hormones.

Attached is a short booklet regarding bamboo salt. Bamboo Salt is Science The preparation and production of a healthy salt product is reviewed. You can actually see little colored crystals mixed in with the salt. Basics are presented as far as bio physiology and the use of trace minerals for health.

Bamboo salt involves reduction rather than oxidation as far as chemical reactions.  Look at the section of photos as far as the reduction and oxidation of nails in certain salt solutions. Chlorine disinfection leads to elevated hypochlorite levels in processed water. Our exposure of this is not only at the drinking faucets but also includes the shower.  A difference is shown between the activity in bamboo salt solution compared to solar and refined salt solutions to detoxify bad effects of chlorine.

It may help with skin and hair conditions. Some systemic conditions such as diabetes may also be improved.

It contains helpful trace elements such as vanadium and germanium. Copper and silica are very important for collagen formation. Platinum is a catalyst for many chemical reactions that promote biosynthesis and assimilation of trace minerals.

Note that sea salt and bamboo salt do not contain any significant iodine. There is a big misunderstanding for Americans who feel they get iodine out of sea salt. The majority still have a significant deficit. The oligo scan is an office test that can look at levels of minerals. Click here to view a sample scan The K/Na ratio is an aspect that reflects intracellular hydration.  

Dehydration is not just lack of water. When we are newborns we are 90% water weight. This is 70% as adults. Then with aging cellular hydration continues to drop. This eventually leads to a chronic or degenerative condition or cancer when the cell cannot respond in a healthy manner. Much of the so-called purified water available has had the crystalline structure disorganized. This leads to water that is not as useful to us.

The ingestion of water alone has little to do with overall hydration. Many of the trace minerals that are present in Himalayan or bamboo salt increase the transport of water into the cell itself. Salt is a very important aspect to prevent intracellular dehydration.


When patients replace trace minerals the dehydration improves. Patients with a history of high blood pressure can actually see numbers come down. Not as much water will need to be ingested. The other gray area here is that it should be good water, as noted earlier.

Whole food, organized water, and natural salt are true keys to proper nutrition. With this routine, maybe you do not have to take so many supplements.

Keep in mind that deficiencies may not cause acute changes or lead to a visit to the emergency room. Changes are subtle and take time.

Addressing the areas mentioned could add good-quality years to a person’s life. That is a concept about preventive health --- not only more years, but good ones. Would it not feel good to reach 60 and say “Well, my life is only half over.”

That is what I do.