High-tech Detox

Submitted by j.bosiljevac on Sat, 07/28/2018 - 00:32

Overall health involves balance which includes a chemical and hormonal component and a mind-body connection. As far as prolonging health and longevity, I frequently talk about detoxification since this is very important to maintain balance.  Generally with detox I point out about chemical exposure from food and our environment. In addition there is an electromagnetic component to this.

As a medical doctor I have seen some health problems develop the past 30 years which may certainly be related to electromagnetic interference.

  1. Sleep patterns are disturbed. This is related to the toxic bluelight from computer and TV screens or your cell phone.  Melatonin secretion is affected. The hormone orchestra has several sections. This is one of them. If the melatonin secretion is low it can disrupt aspects of other healthy hormonal sections of the orchestra. The orchestra plays poorly.
  2. Obesity rates are on the rise. Information from sleep studies demonstrate a relationship between sleep problems and obesity. Obesity also relates to a rising lack of physical activity. A sedentary life.
  3. People can have severe, recurrent headaches which I call “text neck.” How about chronic crookedness and hunchback?
  4. I also do joint and soft tissue injections and now have had several patients who needed injections in their thumbs. This can be an overuse condition and I expect its incidence to increase.
  5. Treatment using antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs has certainly increased in my over  40 years of practicing medicine.
  6. So we are really looking at an ever present,  invisible component causing toxic changes in our health.

A bio electronic company, Nativis,  is developing a product that uses electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency energy (RFE) to affect gene expression in cancer cells. Treating cell activity by altering electromagnetic frequency? All healthy cells have an optimal frequency of vibration. Cancer and diseased cells have a different frequency. So altering this frequency can be used for fighting malignancy. Interesting, and I have seen good early reports.

What does that mean if you live in front of a computer, continuously use the cell phone, and are affected by bluelight and electromagnetic waves of your telephone screen as you view messages at night? Is there an increase in brain or other cancers associated with electromagnetic exposure? Some suggestive studies support this.

But keep in mind when evaluating a study that other variables are also present. This is why many times clinical experience is essential because no study can eliminate all variables. Good judgment comes from experience.

For instance, Cancer loves a toxic environment-chemical or electromagnetic. The importance of detox.   Cancer loves sugar. Is the diet being addressed in a treatment course? Cancer hates oxygen. Normal oxygen intake in many places is less than the normal 20% oxygen in the air. In some locations this may be down to 12%. I feel Bio oxidative therapy (increasing oxygen) can be complementary as part of a cancer treatment regimen. Many times these options are never even addressed even though they appear to enhance the opportunity for cancer survival.

There is a set of glasses that acts as an electromagnetic field (EMF) interrupter by blocking bluelight from electronic screens. Mine has been ordered.

Getting the glasses reminds me of many years in the operating room doing pacemaker surgery with fluoroscopy. To protect myself from the radiation I wore a lead apron, a leaded shield to cover my neck and thyroid gland, leaded gloves, and leaded glasses to protect my eyes. Maybe I was kind of like Iron Man.

So remember the body needs chemical and hormone balance for proper metabolism which also affects the relationship between mind and body. The usual medical exam is not sufficient for longevity purposes. Conventional medicine takes care of acute problems. You have to be sick to be treated.

What about an approach to address other aspects that could be subtly affecting your health. That is what I do.