Doctor For Life

Submitted by j.bosiljevac on Sat, 07/28/2018 - 00:30

My brother reviews the news broadly every day as part of his work. The attached article was sent to me.

There is a lot of information out there. Not all of it is true. And much of what has been presented to us in the past is not necessarily scientifically accurate. This has affected the trust in the healthcare industry which extends over to the FDA.

Many patients Google the Internet about a given topic and collect a variety of information. To apply this clinically depends on the experience and judgment of the doctor.

How many patients continue with a doctor long-term or for life?

This is not a common occurrence in today’s system. Usually, patients go to several doctors for different complaints. Preventive health demands more than specialty care. A personal physician (not the same as a PCP or primary care physician) is essential to improve a view of the overall picture. This choice has to be done independently by the patient. The system does not allow this.

My advice is to look for a doctor who is well experienced but also open-minded and honest, particularly to his own patients’ questions. In medicine, as well as in other areas, many times the pendulum swings. Look at a professional who can stay ahead of the game. This is the optimal care that I try to present.