Coronavirus - Part 2 - Prevent Infection with Peptides

Submitted by admin on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 20:43

Today the big general threat is highly contagious coronavirus. (See my LinkedIn article)

So what can we do to protect ourselves?

The thymus gland is responsible for making T cells which fight viral infection. The number of T cells decrease with age and the T cells also become less effective as a person ages. Agents like peptides can improve immune function. (See my LinkedIn article)

A peptide is a small protein extracted from a larger biologic protein. Each peptide provides a specific biologic function. Let us concentrate on two peptides that I have used to improve immune function.

Thymosine beta 4 is a TB 500 peptide. TB 500 is produced in the thymus gland. A Russian study in 2003 shows that TB 500 prolonged human life. It is good for general wound healing and regeneration. Regrowth and darkening of hair (subtle sign of youthfulness) can be seen as well as improved regeneration of slow healing tissues like tendons.

Thymosine alpha 1 is a general peptide that restores immune function in most mammals. It is more effective than thymosine beta 4. The alpha-1 increases thymosine factor 5 which increases immune function ability. This was studied in patients with chronic viral infection like hepatitis C and HIV. It is has also been used to fight cancer.

Both of these peptides are effective in boosting immune function and each is administered with a subcutaneous injection twice a week (like insulin shot). Continued treatment for a period of three months would provide protection against the current coronavirus.

As far as considering this a prevention or treatment for coronavirus and other infections, it is essential to obtain a valid peptide from a registered compounding pharmacy.