Cancer and Toxicity  Long Island

Submitted by admin on Mon, 09/03/2018 - 00:47

A recent news report noted a cluster of cancer cases in Long Island.

There was a higher incidence of thyroid, lung, and bladder cancer, as well as leukemia than in other locations in New York state and also the country. Areas in Suffolk County include Centereach, Farmingville, and Selden.

I tell my cancer patients:

  • Cancer loves a toxic environment 
  • Cancer loves sugar 
  • Cancer hates oxygen

Looking at the above and in terms of the environment, industrial wastes and air pollution may lead to increased incidence of exposure to cadmium and mercury. These heavy metals can interfere with methylation, which is in the normal physiologic pathway to get rid of waste products. Poor methylation may affect genes and DNA structure and is noted by high homocysteine blood levels. Heavy metals can also interfere with the immune response.

The emphasis here: this is a subtle picture. There are no acute symptoms that require a patient to go to the emergency room. This may start with exposure in baby food, other products that may be affected by pesticides or herbicides during processing, and foods with shells and husks that have not been carefully washed and soaked.

I use a toxin and nutrition scan in my office to look at this (Oligoscan). Click here to view a sample scan. This demonstrates minerals in the accepted range in green, yellow is on the edge, and red is an outlier. This can give me direction as far as supplementation as well as aggressivity of a detox program. I have a nutritional and mineral analysis that includes toxic heavy metal testing on my Long Island patients.

Be aware. Be tested. Develop the extent of your detoxification program.

Remember, this can be so subtle it doesn’t show until the cancer is diagnosed. I mention the above because I can actually see with the Oligoscan certain areas where patients live that may indicate subtle exposure to toxins. I even saw one patient who had high levels of arsenic. I usually use this as an indication of spouses trying to do them in! However, in her case she remembers as a child that people kept talking about arsenic in the water. It hasn’t gone away. This can be tested for properly (not always a simple blood or urine test).

This is part of my personal program for patients.