The Benefit of Rejuvenation

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The rejuvenation program that I present to patients is a process of rebooting cells to function optimally. This is done by replacing or restoring proteins, growth factors, enzymes, and other biologic substances that are used for cell function and regeneration.

  • If you are 50 years of age, understand that many of the biologic substances have diminished or become depleted. Much of this happens in a very subtle way. You do not have to go to the emergency room and society accepts “you are just getting older.”
  • In cases of chronic disease with multiple symptoms a rebooting process eliminates many of the symptoms. Subsequently, a more simple and straightforward program for further recovery can be presented.

I spent 29 years in a solo practice doing cardiovascular surgery near Kansas City. I have also obtained a doctorate in natural medicine, giving me a very wide background and experience with over 45 years in both conventional as well as alternative medical practices. During my surgical career I operated or helped operate on every part of the body. As a surgeon I was involved with the postop healing process. Principles learned as a surgeon regarding wound healing are a basic part of my practice.

Practicing age management in New York City the last 12 years, I quickly found that getting older means body parts wear out. Working with retired NFL and NBA players I began doing stem cell treatment for joint and soft tissue injuries. Then I started treating military special forces members. With this group I began dealing with other conditions such as traumatic brain injury, MS, emphysema, autoimmune disorders, and liver problems as well as regeneration from various soft tissue and joint injuries.

Now bio hacking is my game plan. From my surgical background, this is all a matter of wound healing. Agents used in this treatment course are part of normal biologic substances present, but depleted, in our system. As the first step, optimization of the patient’s chemical and hormone status can be done to promote regeneration and healing. Light and oxygen are also used as part of the stem cell healing program provided. Interval reappraisal of the patient directs further recommendations for regeneration of tissue. This is where various peptides have come into play as part of the overall picture.

BPC 157 is one of the most frequently used. The military guys and retired professional players have been beat up all over. General use of this peptide for soft tissue and joint problems has certainly been helpful. If the patient has a specific joint issue or a tendonitis such as tennis elbow, they can be instructed to give the injection around any bothersome area. There is a high initial local tissue concentration before it is absorbed systemically. This can improve results over an acute or chronically diseased area. I have seen this clear tennis elbow pain within two weeks.

There is a 58-year-old Navy SEAL who was seen three months after his “brain quit.”  His history revealed multiple concussions which include a fall from rock climbing and multiple blast injuries. He was institutionalized and started on hyperbaric oxygen treatment, showing some improvement after 20 treatments. Overall his mental clarity and focus were blunted. He had bilateral tinnitus and intermittent dizziness. Speech was sluggish and at times a little slurred. He had degenerative condition of both knees and his low back due to years of packing a lot of weight while on deployment as well as parachute drops. He had left sacroiliac impingement as a component of the back pain.

He had a partial left knee replacement and about a month post op this was hyperextended stepping down. The left quadriceps at the distal femoral attachment was painful. He had pain in the left shoulder with tenderness over the biceps insertion but maintained full range of motion with the shoulder itself. The patient also has a history of chronic acid peptic disease.

The first part of my program is to initiate chemical and hormone optimization. The patient was started on testosterone.


  1. Following this, the patient had two days of intravenous NAD (nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide) infusions. Recall that diseased and affected nerve tissue dumps out NAD. Then neuropathies develop. During the NAD infusion there was improvement of the tinnitus as well as the speech.
  2. On the third day intravenous exosomes (growth factors) and umbilical cord stem cells were infused systemically. This was done using wound healing adjuncts such as infrared laser to stimulate nitric oxide production and hyperoxygenation. I also performed an exosome injection into the distal left quadriceps.
  3. The patient was started on the peptide BPC 157 as a subcutaneous injection. He was given an initial course to last about two months.

Within a week the patient was telling me mentally he was better than he remembers for 10 years. He continues to get positive feedback from family and friends as far as his mental status and speech. After a month all his body aches were gone. He was doing pull-ups with the biceps with no problem. The knee was pain free. The vertigo was not completely relieved but it was improved. An interesting aspect is that his acid reflux was gone.

The patient had an initial SPEC scan of the head in October 2019 which showed very poor cerebral circulation and decreased function in multiple portions of the brain. One month after the described treatment a repeat SPEC scan showed marked improvement in cerebral function and circulation. In fact, several radiologists at the imaging center had never seen such rapid improvement in any patient. And this correlates very much with the patient’s subjective reports.

I adjust the dose of the BPC depending on the patient’s presentation during the healing process. A longer course of the BPC could be used or another peptide instituted down the line. Other patients that have been given the BPC have also reported improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms, and acid peptic disease is frequently relieved as is the so-called IBD. For the current patient I will continue the BPC 157 for two more months.

Basically, my key is rebooting the cells to work normally. This is the part that peptides play in addition to the use of biologically active NAD, exosomes, and stem cells. Regeneration leads to rejuvenation.

The other common peptide that is used in my rejuvenation program is epitalon. I had one patient with a baseline chronological age of 62 and a biologic age of 56 with telomere measurement done eight years ago. A year after epitalon the chronologic age was 70 and the patient’s biologic age was 54 using telomere measurement.

Peptides can be a part of the wound healing process themselves or combined with stem cell therapy. My practice is not one that patients come in to get a shot of stem cells and receive a bill. I monitor the patient many times through one or two years as we go through rehabilitation and direct their treatment based on the personal healing response. Peptides can be an active part of this.


And it is important to keep these experienced 55-year-old military guys going strong. They allow us to all sleep in bed at night!